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Updated: May 10, 2023

Volleyball weekend. I don't play - I am there to cheer, feed and comfort when losses occur like they inevitably will. Due to player injuries, Ola has been playing a different position. She is usually a setter, but for the tournament this last weekend, she played middle. It's a position where blocking the opponent is critical. But the block is not intended to just be a defensive tactic. I have observed that it has an offensive element to it. You block with an intention to also score. So if you can, you use the block to hit the ball right back unto the ground of the opponent's court, or to bounce back off their hand(s) to outside the court (called off the block).

Here's what I have observed. To effectively block the ball, you need to anticipate the hit from the opponent and imperceptibly begin to move in the direction of the play. Middles often begin to jump before the ball makes its way over. If not, by the time one gets to the ball, it is already in descent mode, which often makes the block ineffective.

We have an opponent, and this is not a game. It's a full on war. It is futile to not anticipate an offensive play from an opponent whether in a game or in a battle. Hence I am not a fan of praying that we will have a year free of trouble. Our Lord Jesus categorically warns us otherwise. It's like going for a game and praying that the team you play will not try to score. Foolishness. Rather, you prepare. You come in intending to launch your offensive attack, but you also work on your defense. And the best defensive strategy is a counter attack even before the attack is launched.

About your children, I have news for you - the enemy is after them.
So what’s your offensive defense? What is your counter attack? Here are a few tactics.

📌 Create a love-filled atmosphere in your home.
📌 Demonstrate unconditional love to them. Love should never be earned.
📌 Ground your children in the TRUTH - God’s word. Read it to them. Teach it to them.
📌 Speak the Word over your children.
📌 Pray with them
📌 Affirm your children.
📌 Set boundaries on what they can watch, where they can go, who they can be with, etc. Safeguard their hearts.

GOD’S TAKE | John 10:10

The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows]. [Amplified]

ichallengeU: Go on the offensive as a defense tactic

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